Many Hands Made Light Work for HOPE.wrx in February


HOPE.wrx had the privilege of welcoming several volunteers during February. Timing is everything, especially for two new long-term Food Pantry staffers, and several young people in search of an opportunity to earn service hours. Volunteer opportunities at HOPE.wrx are never dull -- and we can always use the help!


We’d like to extend a special thanks, first, to Rita Robinson and David Gardine for agreeing to work in the Food Pantry every Thursday afternoon. They picked a perfect day to volunteer as we had been short on volunteers on Thursdays.


Three young ladies attending the University of Missouri, Kansas City elected to earn service hours for their sorority APO by working in the Food Pantry on a Wednesday evening last month. They seemed to enjoy their time, which was very much appreciated: They volunteered the very day HOPE.wrx was blessed to receive 200 pounds of ground beef from Anton’s Tap Room, located at 16th and Main in Kansas City. The ground beef was donated in 14-lb. bags, and the young ladies repacked it for us in 1-lb. bags. 


On Saturday, February 21st, HOPE.wrx hosted eleven students from Park Hill South High School, earning service hours as members of the National Honor Society. While volunteering for two hours, they organized the hygiene area of the Food Pantry; bagged 150 pounds of donated pancake mix into quart size bags; bagged donated bulk dog and cat food; sorted canned items; and stocked shelves. They were very energetic and enthusiastic.


If you know of a group looking for a meaningful service opportunity, or an individual who would like a fantastic way to give back to the community, pass on our contact information. Judy Kelly, Executive Director, at 816-729-2095, or Marilyn Smith, at 816-726-1050, can walk them through the process.