HOPE.wrx Serves Almost 12,000 Individuals in 2014


Food on HOPE.wrx Food Pantry Shelf

The numbers of Clay and Platte county residents who seek help from HOPE.wrx continues to climb each year. Volunteers served more than 11,750 people in 2014. In the food pantry last year, we fed 1,882 families, which represents 11,077 individuals. During the 2013-14 school year, HOPE.wrx loaded family back packs for 143 families.


Of the 3,337 families who visited the HOPE.wrx food pantry in 2014, 36% were children and 6% were senior citizens. Offsetting the numbers of visitors served, the food pantry received almost 50,000 pounds of food and non-food donations, plus $38,112 in monetary donations, during 2014. We also received a $10,000 United Way grant. To keep shelves stocked with basic food and non-food items, HOPE.wrx spent an additional $69,484. Non-food items include personal hygiene products such as shampoo, toothpaste, bath soap, and toilet paper.


During the 2014-2015 school year, HOPE.wrx volunteers currently load family back packs for 264 adults and 418 children. This totals 682 individuals who receive about 10 lbs. of food each week this school year.  The filled backpacks are delivered weekly to seven schools. HOPE.wrx has partnered with Living Water Christian Church in Parkville, Mo., which has made the volunteer program a ministry within its congregation. 


Thanks to all the volunteers who willingly and generously give of their time to work in the food pantry, which is now open five days a week; to load family back packs; and to pick up food items and deliver backpacks to the schools. Because of these individuals, and the financial support of both the Hillside congregation and our generous donors, we continue to serve those less fortunate in the Northland. If you are moved to make a donation; want to host a food drive or fundraiser; would like to join the ranks of our enthusiastic volunteers; or are interested in learning more about HOPE.wrx, contact Judy Kelly, Executive Director, at 816-729-2095, or Marilyn Smith, at 816-726-1050.


Hey! Are you planning to do some spring cleaning? In April, HOPE.wrx will hold our third biennial Book Sale and Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for the food pantry. Start cleaning out your closets—and look for more information on the sale as Spring approaches!