Welcome to HOPE.wrx

Our Purpose: To be the face of Christ as agents of justice and hope in our Northland neighborhood.

Our Vision: A just and equitable Inner Northland.


Our Mission: To provide programming and facilities to fill the unmet social, economic, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people in the Inner Northland neighborhoods—transforming individuals, families, institutions and ourselves by connecting assets with opportunities.



 How you can help:

HOPE.wrx is a charitable non-profit organization. We  rely upon the donations of food, gently used coats and the contributions of monetary giving to support our mission.

 You can help us meet our vision by donating your time, your money or your extra food purchases. Please refer to links above for details about our goals and our current needs.

What's New

Summertime in the Food Pantry

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HOPE.wrx Food Pantry Closed for Resurfacing

The HOPE.wrx Food Pantry will be closed on Monday, June 16th, due to resurfacing of the parking lot next to the building. The fa… More

Food Pantry Summer Hours Extended

Thanks to our friends at Living Water Christian Church in Parkville, the HOPE.wrx Food Pantry will be open on Monday evenings fr… More

Food Drives Benefit HOPE.wrx Food Pantry

The HOPE.wrx Food Pantry has been very fortunate to receive a couple of large food donations in February -- extremely helpful si… More